Appropriate actions will be taken by us in appreciation of your concerns. For serving the community in a better manner your concerns are vital for us.



How long have you been into this business?


We as a team have been providing our services to help prospective individuals for last more than 15 years.


Can you provide us with approximation of data held by you?


More than 20000 individuals’ profiles are held by us who are in search of an ideal life mate for themselves.


Can you elaborate about the kinds of profiles you have?


Mainly Hindu and Sikh individuals’ profiles are held by our website.


Can you assure us of confidentiality?


We keep all the details provided by individuals strictly confidential. Before any kind of disclosure we seek permission of the candidate. No personal details are disclosed upon recommendations.


How can one register?


We provide a simple form online for registration. You are ready to start searching other members profile once you fill all the fields and complete the process of registration.


What about availability of divorcees’ profiles?


Profiles of all candidates who have marital status as single, widow or widower ( with or without children) or divorcees are supported by us. Certificate of certainty is never provided by life so we assist all categories of individuals who are in search of a life mate.


How long is the membership valid?


It varies as per plans offered by www.nrimarriagebureau.ca. For any additional details please log on to http://nrimarriagebureau.ca/premium_member


Are there any additional charges?


No additional charges are there. As mentioned on the website only those charges are there. For any additional details please log on to http://nrimarriagebureau.ca/premium_member


Can you tell the number of potential matches that I will receive?


We send through email details of a minimum of six prospective matches, We don’t have an upper limit. It is, however, controlled by the profiles’ availability as per your preferences or specific needs.


Is it possible to meet the people living in area around where I live?


Best possible efforts are made by the team for locating ideal matches near your area of living. However, a number of factors in addition to locality guide our forwarding of prospective matches. Your profile compatibility is main consideration for us. But if you want only profiles of prospective matches from your locality the guarantee of minimum number of profiles in 12 months will not apply.


Will my family’s involvement be necessary?


We are completely focused only on our members. Any specifics given by our members are completely complied with by us. Existence of family complexities can be fully understood by us. We, therefore, assure you confidentiality will not only be maintained from parents but also from children if they exist. Any meeting with the family is organized only if a member permits us for it.


Do you provide any guarantee?


We only guarantee best services from our part but do not provide any guarantee for obvious reasons. www.nrimarriagebureau.ca team puts all out efforts to bring before you ideal matches. In the end, however, you are completely free to decide about marrying a person or not. That explains why marriage guarantee is not provided by us.


Is membership up gradation possible?


Of course memberships can be upgraded anytime one wishes by paying the difference between the present membership fee and the intended one with membership period remaining unchanged.


In case I am not satisfied by the services of www.nrimarriagebureau.ca then what happens?


If we are unable to satisfy you with our services in any way we humbly request you to pay a visit to our office at the first possible instance. Personal attention will be paid to your problem by our team and it will be discussed to rectify it immediately. Our best efforts will be there to not give you any reason to complain in future.


What about website’s security?


www.nrimarriagebureau.ca adopts best professional measures to keep your details with us completely secured. We use reputed servers to maintain secrecy. To reduce any information leakages during credit card transactions we use services of a Secure Payment Company.


In case I forget my password what should I do?


If you have forgotten the password for your online profile with us, rush an email to info@nrimarriagebureau.ca for getting assistance. Password resetting can be done by you by visiting member section yourself.


Why www.nrimarriagebureau.ca offers different packages?


To cater to the varied needs of different individuals we offer different packages. Some individuals demand only those profiles that are not just compatible to them but also their family, so, for searching best match for such people we offer Custom Package Membership and put extra efforts in doing so. Whereas there are still others who are just interested in basic details of other profiles and prefer discussing other things themselves. Such people can avail our free membership package on offer.


How can one remove data from www.nrimarriagebureau.ca?


If you are interested in removing your details from our website just drop us an email in this regard to info@nrimarriagebureau.ca. Your profile will be removed by us from the website. Your details, however, will be kept in our records in order to inform you in future if we come across a profile strongly matching your requirements. Your membership with us will continue till its expiry date even after you have sent your data removal request. After your membership expiry no further match searching will be done by us. This will also make you lose a chance of renewal.

With more than 15 years of experience in the field www.nrimarriagebureau.ca is an organization of high repute. Our team puts best efforts to answer all member queries and questions with best solutions. Drop us an email at info@nrimarriagebureau.ca if you have any further question related to our services. You will be gladly served by our team.


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