Tips of Safety

We at NRI Marriage Burau.Ca strive to offer a safety assured secure interface to our customers to assist in their matrimonial alliance search



Customer Relations team of NRI Marriage Burau.Ca ensures that all submitted profiles undergo scrutiny to get rid of malicious and/or improper content.


For any profile that might slip through our scrutiny we follow stringent reporting, abuse detection and restricting guidelines.


However, there are circumstances and activities beyond our control that limit you safety and privacy. For this reason we humbly request you to follow basic privacy rules to experience uncompromised security and safety.


Here is a list of some basic rules of privacy protection to be safe from potential infringement.



1. Conceal your identity



Our private messaging and contacting system (sending invitation or accepting/rejecting for interaction) have been designed deliberately by us to conceal your identity for protection unless YOU decide to disclose it by overriding.




It has to be kept in mind that your online interaction is controlled by your actions. Unless it is YOUR choice your identity is concealed online.


Initial messages should be sent cautiously to avoid accidental disclosure of identity by personal details like contact information such as office or home address, e-mail, phone number or other information that might reveal your identity.


Follow the principle of better safe than sorry. Be cautious and patient ahead of believing your gut feeling in forwarding contact details to strangers.




2. Don’t act in haste – Start with emails


For initial interactions make an exclusive email account. Restrict your initial interaction by forwarding only this email ID and exercise caution.




Pay careful attention to any information mismatch or improper behavior. Those with good intentions respect others privacy and don’t push you in haste.


In reading new messages you receive take the help of your near and dear ones to avoid missing any warning signals and forming a balanced view.


Interaction with any individual pressurizing you to disclose your personal information directly or by using indirect tricks should be halted immediately.


Your e-mail’s default pre-set sign-off lines might contain your address or contact number, avoid using them.


Usage of your actual or office email ID for exchanging messages with online strangers is to be avoided.




3. Insist on a photo


Pictures convey messages that words can not. You can form an informed opinion about a person from his/her photo as it gives a good idea about one’s personality.


NRI Marriage Burau.Ca has provided Photo Request facility for precisely this purpose. We offer photo uploading and scanning facilities free of cost negating any excuse for not providing a photograph when upon request.


Having a look at a person’s photo under various surroundings and settings is a wise way of satisfying yourself. Forwarding of various excuses in not providing a photograph by somebody means something is being concealed.




4. Interaction over phone


Interaction over phone reveals a lot about a person’s conversational skills and social manners but while interacting be careful about your privacy and safety by avoiding giving your personal contact or mobile number.


Available technologies like prepaid mobile number or telephone identity concealing can be made use of to conceal your Caller ID. Enough background details should be gathered before reaching a predetermined comfort level with a stranger before sharing your contact number.


Make sure if somebody has given you a contact number with strange area code that it is mot a charge number before calling.




5. Avoid meeting until YOU are ready


There is no obligation to meet somebody personally until you have taken a thorough decision. Before meeting personally take complete benefit of online interaction to collect enough information about the individual. Act patiently taking sufficient time to avoid haste.


As the relationship turns offline from being online have a firm grip over proceedings.



Feel free to change your mind even after arranging a meeting. Although it can not be explained logically but trusting your hunches in a relationship always keep you away from harm. Exercise caution for rich dividends.



6. Select a safe meeting location


If your decision of taking relationship forward has been made, meetings can be made more fruitful by taking assistance of families from either or both sides. Keep a friend or a family member informed about your meeting place/time and time of return once you have decided to meet a person alone.


If you have decided upon meeting somebody personally choose a safe place for meeting such as a good restaurant or a café. Choose time of meeting in a manner that there are sufficient people around and use your own means of transport for reaching and coming back from the meeting.


A good idea would be to have first meeting in presence of a family member or a friend from each side than going it alone.


If still you intend to meet a person alone inform a family member or your friend about the name, address and contact number of the person you plan to meet. In such cases it is necessary to carry your cell phone along.




Your pick-up from home or drop-back should not be planned to be undertaken by your potential partner.




Arranging first meeting alone in a movie theater or a lonely place is not a wise idea.



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